List my Hummer? No thanks.


We couldn’t agree more with the latest advertising campaign for Hummer…

‘Now get lost’, are our sentiments exactly.  In fact there are only two things which are not allowed to be listed on rentoid:

  1. Anything illegal
  2. Hummers


We’re not kidding, click here  to check it out( FAQ 10). We figure it’s important to stand for something, and we reckon Hummers are the most blatant abuse of resources we’ve seen for a while.


35 Responses to “List my Hummer? No thanks.”

  1. katesaltfleet Says:

    Just read the FAQs. Classic.

  2. Toby Says:

    Great move Rentoid!
    Get Lost Hummer owners

  3. tristan Says:

    You are all sad. You know nothing about cars, and happily jump on whatever bandwagon it is that currently has the intention of making people miserable. Go hug a tree, or do the world a favour, and lock yourself away. You have nothing constructive to contribute to our world

  4. Kev Says:

    ‘Tristan’ – are you kidding me? Can you seriously tell us all with a straight face that Hummers contribute to anything, apart from ripping up the bitumen, be a traffic hazard and choke us all to death. We can’t wait to hear your argument.

  5. Ben Rowe Says:

    Ahh Tristan,

    I find it amusing that you, a blog troll, is getting on your high horse about constructive contributions to the world.

    That aside, come on Man. No one here is sad. It’s 2008. We’re past climate change being a ‘bandwagon’ that people jump on. So the “Go hug a tree” argument doesn’t really cut it anymore, does it? Not even if you’re 12 years old. Are you older than 12, Tristan?

    I think the team at Rentoid are spot on with this. Hummers are the epitome of the excessively materialistic, “I don’t give a f&*k about anyone or anything” world that we’re living in right now.

    And they only get 10-15 miles per gallon. That just doesn’t make sense, considering that petrol prices will continue to rise, not fall. You know that we’re running out of oil, don’t you Tristan? Or is that another ‘bandwagon’ that you think environmentally responsible people are on?

    We should all be doing our bit to reduce our environmental impact. So anyone defending Hummers in this day and age is a greater candidate to be “locked away”, in your words.

  6. dr.dre Says:

    Poor little Tristan, do you realise there also surgical ways to “enhance your manhood” that would be cheaper than buying a Hummer (although maybe more expensive than renting one)?

    Taking a stand against military vehicles with a nasty, nasty footprint trashing our local neighbourhoods is an admirable and justifiable prerogative of this privately run business.

    Surely, you could start your own Hummer hire business if you feel so strongly about it…

  7. Stand for something - the Hummer debate « Start Up Blog Says:

    […] Stand for something – the Hummer debate March 14, 2008 Posted by Stephen Sammartino in Advertising, Audience (Consumer), Business admin, Customer, Environment, Hummer, Ideas, Marketing Insight, blogging, brand names, brands, business, business ideas, eco, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing, rentoid, startups, strategy, web 2.0. trackback It’s good to stand for something in life and in start ups.  We hate hummers at We’re happy to offend hummer lovers. We don’t care. We don’t have to. We’ve also created a conversation. Join in by clicking here. […]

  8. Alexander Tarp Says:

    We are all sad to witness such a bad car now driving our streets. I still wonder why a Hummer can get a RWC. My Falcon from 91 drives better than the Hummer and I don’t even need to mention the better fuel efficiency – and I won’t be called a wanker in it! When you are driving the Hummer and you are called a wanker, they’re wrong. You are a wanker with a small dick!

  9. Amy Says:

    Two things, if I may, to elevate this argument a little…

    The first thing is the precedent this sets, the concept of “banning” on a “community” site, and the criteria for which something can be banned. I completely appreciate the “spirit” of the gesture, and the alignment of a behaviour with intrinsic values. My concern would be that if these values are not explicit, there is great opportunity for debate. It seems at moment a relatively simple concept that Hummers, according to the environmental ethos of Rentoid, are “bad.” But are they worse than a fur coat, for example? Electric leaf blowers? What about chainsaws? How do you decide? Is it size of carbon footprint? Pollution or waste produced? Direct damage to an animal/plant? Whether there are alternatives or not? Energy intensity of production? You get my picture.

    And if you start down the “some cars are worse than others” route, where do you stop? Which cars are make it in and which don’t? I am not saying the stance is wrong, merely that it opens a whole area of value aligned behaviours, norms and rules that while currently implied, become controversial when not explicit. (But maybe controversy is not such a bad thing, hey?) So if we are having this debate – let’s make sure we really do debate what’s at the heart of it!

    My second issue is less about content, and more about style. Please excuse me a moment while I air my own opinion. (And this I hope will reveal a little more about my own alignment that may have been obscured and not explicit in the first argument!) I value the right to free speech (see point 1) but I believe the concern for the environment is too great to become embroiled in name-calling and mud-slinging. If we are serious about saving the planet, we need to become serious about changing not simply people’s behaviours, but also their knowledge via education, and ultimately we hope, instilling values of sustainability. The only way we can do this is together – the whole of humanity, hand in hand. We need to co-operate. In attacking this Hummer user, not only have we reverted to the antagonistic behaviour, the “us and them” mentality that is one of the root causes of our present problems, we have also missed a valuable opportunity to connect with a fellow human being and begin that process of re-alignment. We know people don’t respond to aggression and restrictions, we all just try to either run away, break out or fight back. That energy could be far better spent. Sustainability is not simply about saving the plants, water and atmosphere, humans are a fundamental and integral part of the equation.

    So getting off my soap box, I thank you all for the opportunity to learn from this – it has been great to see passion in action, and to have the chance to reflect on how we can all best move forward.

    Kind regards, Amy

  10. dr.dre Says:


    I fully accept your second point about the dangers of polarising discussion by petty sniping. I already regret lowering the tone of dissent with my earlier, immature response above.

    I’m not as comfortable with your opening gambit, however. There is as much danger in the environmental discourse of Puritanism and absolutism. Behaviours and products do have different impacts. Some are more blatant, others more ambiguous. We all make choices on a day-to-day basis about what extremes/lengths we are willing to go to curb our more nasty habits. I see no problem with taking stands on some aspects while leaving others up to individual choice. To hide behind relativism as an excuse for not banning some items is a cop out. As I said in the less childish (I hope) part of my earlier response on the thread, Rentoid is a private business. Its owners have every right to make decisions about who’s “in” or “out”, as does Ebay in not allowing sale of certain items (e.g. body parts, foodstuffs, alcohol, “adult” films).

    Banning Hummers does send a message, and one I’m comfortable with. These things are “worse” than other “cars” on most of the grounds that you yourself raise.

    And anyway, I think the ban is funny. And humour is something that helps a cause a bit more than hand-wringing and fence-sitting.

    And it got us all talking…

  11. Amy Says:

    Dr Dre – thanks for the feedback – all you points are clear and appreciated. I would just like to clarify one point I made that your reply has made me realise was somewhat ambiguous – and that is that I do totally agree that hiding behind relativism is a cop out. What I do think is that we should be debating where we decide our own relative boundaries are, and asking ourselves those questions so that we are clear in our own minds on what is acceptable and what isn’t. At the moment we all kind of feel these things are there, this was an invitation to get some of them out into the open, beyond the Hummer example. Let the debate begin! 🙂

  12. faszination Says:

    How bout people complain a little more about what they cant afford. Sorry you have to drive a hybrid car cause thats all you can get. 12,000 to 20,000 price range. good luck in the snow up in the mountains with yor Prius or Honda!! Im 30 years old ive owned subaru’s mitsubishi’s caddilacs! and a bunch of other cars that would take way to long to mention They all get horrible gas millage. ITS HOW YOU DRIVE YOUR CAR YOU STUPID FUCKS! If anything i do better on gas with my BRAND NEW HUMMER (bite me you earth lovn fucks you will all be dead just like me when it comes time for my gas emissions to destroy everything. Fuck the children look out for yourself and do and get what makes you happy). Further more as far as me destroying yor car when we get into an accident tough luck!!! put on your seatbelts thats what there for.

  13. dfy Says:

    i own a hummer h2 with 30 inch rims and a 42 inch tv dick face

  14. rentoid Says:

    To all the Hummer lovers out there. Thanks for your honest and articulate comments on this posting. rentoid is happy to hear both sides of the argument… and we clearly don’t moderate the opinions of either side.

    Your comments quite literally prove the point that Hummers typically represent all that is bad in 2008.

    Cheers, un offended rentoid team.

  15. tensu Says:


  16. tensu Says:

    TRISTAN hummers own they are the vehicle of the army the save lives transport tropes and hall big crap they are the bets vehicles.

    To the people who are going against hummer srew of they rock

  17. tensu Says:

    Hummers own you losers

  18. pepe Says:

    you are a fock

  19. Super Bad- Super Chief « Rentoid Says:

    […] – we hate this car too, and reckon it represents all that is bad. So we’ve thrown it in with the Hummers and banned them from rentoid […]

  20. jack sc Says:

    ifyou hate humers thanyou are gay and stupid

  21. hummer2007 Says:

    Are you people really serious?? Save a little on gasoline or risk your life in a wind up car?? Gee, I really have to think twice about this one.
    Lets stop bashing on Hummer drivers and bash on all full sized SUV’s.
    People, get real…..a new Hummer has better gas millage that any older SUV out there. Most Hummer drivers do not get this truck to be “cool” or compensate for something. They buy it for practical reasons. It can haul a house (literally), it will NOT get stuck it snow, it can float like a boat (that is what the air pockets on the hood are for….in case you didn’t know….not just decoration), it will save your ass in an accident.
    AND best of all, they are not that expensive. A brand new Denali or Escalade will cost more (not by much, but they are cheaper). It is the size of these trucks that intimidates people. People have no idea what they are talking about, when they talk bad about Hummers. Please do your research before you open your mouths.
    It is quite funny to me that when I am driving the H2, people love too talk out their ass’s about mpg (which, btw is 16, because we have upgraded the exhaust and did an air intake) but when I drive the Dodge Charger SRT8
    ( which gets 9 mpg), people are like….”wow, that is one of the coolest cars I have seen”…..go figure… the math, the SRT8 get a lot less, but is “cool”………….

  22. rentoid member “Orange Girl” pops in « Rentoid Says:

    […] can list everything ( EXCEPT HUMMERS). The only real restrictions for listing items are that it must be legal, but I’m adding moral […]

  23. Aaron Spence Says:

    I’m not a Hummer owner or lover, I just wanted to point out banning them in Oz makes little sense as the model available here is smaller and get’s better fuel economy than a Nissan Patrol, Toyota Landcruiser & other 4wds. (In Petrol guise.)

    Amy I think you are right on the money with your comments.

    I’ll add that taking what the media says hook line an sinker is usually not prudent. The media is about sensationalism and entertainment not truth. ie media says Hummer = Bad, therefore we ban them without doing any research of our own.

  24. brandon Says:

    i have a hummmer bitch suck it i love wasting gas hoe

  25. sharya Says:


  26. orangegirl Says:

    cmon guys… name calling is not cool… no matter what you drive. Anyone can make a stand on anything they like. What a boring world it would be if we all got along and thought the same and had the same preferances. I personally wouldnt know what a hummer was even if i crashed onto one. And I dont know much about them, nor do I care to learn. The whole hummer issue to me is more about fun and havng something to joke about. Renting may be one side to rentoid, but community, making friends and helping the enviroment is the other. If there is someone out there that has a new hummer that is good on the enviroment, or someone out there that has a car on gas ( like myself ) or someone out there that has one of those weird looking hybrid cars, then yay for them. I prefer seeing all kinds of cars out on the road.. it makes car cricket with my kids more fun.

    My point here is this..although long winded…dont start name calling. Its not very grown up. Next your gunna start calling each other poo poo head and other such childish names. You would be better of spending your time out playing with your kids or washig you car/hummer/hybrid.

    just my thoughts


  27. hummer india owner Says:

    trisan..chill! this site n d comments are because these guys cant afford to dream of owning a Hummer…juz luk at wat they r sayin,, big space, exessecive fuel consumption,, damn! if a guy can afford to own a Hummer he doesnt have to worry abt fuel, n space…U loosers” its impossible for any1 to see a Hummer in his life and not fall for it..WTF..juz go..go 4m here..n buy a Lada, how bat a Bajaj rickshaw

  28. Mike Says:

    Aaaahhhh..drove a hummer H1 in the Army. Awesome SUVs..
    Hired a H2 for the weekened and thrashed it outbush…Until your’ve been in one an experienced its full capabilities you will never appreciate it…Save the world blah blah blah!

  29. Rentoid Says:

    […] rentoid view on Hummers is clear, and you can read about it here. You’ll notice we let the Hummer lovers and hater post comments as the please. We don’t […]

  30. Jordy Says:

    Hey, I own a 1977 V8 Mercedes Benz. It gets 12.5 miles to the gallon. Not very fuel efficient. But it is 31 years old and has done 390,000 miles or 520,000 km. Most cars would do half that and if you compare the energy it takes to make a new hybrid to the amount of energy my car has used in 30 years… the merc wins! So the environment is better off if you buy a long lasting gas guzzler than a short lasting hybrid or fuel efficient car. Are hummers long lasting? Also, is my car banned from this “morally” controlled site?

  31. Elizabeth Says:

    Hey! I’m turning 16 in a few months and I’m getting a hummer!! Whoop whoop 😉 I love them!

  32. Nick Says:

    What is a Hummer anyway? Someone who doesn’t know the words..?

  33. Bob Says:

    Hummers are the best vehicle ever made seriously who the fuck makes a fucking website saying you cant post anything illegal or hummers. who cares how much gas they take this plant is fucked to hell and back anyways so instead of trying to band hummers and be all anti-natural resources to fucking hug a tree and drive around in your foreign made fucking 2 stroke honda’s go make a fucking website about something else, douche bags

  34. rentoid Says:

    Dear Bob,

    Thanks for your opinion. It certainly adds some color to the ‘discussion’.

    rentoid team.

  35. Kana Says:

    i’m kinda with Bob… without the swearing and name calling

    personally i have always dreamed of owning a Hummer H1. it’s fuel efficiency is top of the range. I’m sure you would struggle to find any proper suv that can match it.

    also… if you want to stop emissions, then you have to ban trains, buses, trucks, trains, ships, planes, 2 door cars, saloons, station-wagons, sports cars, utes, most forklifts, etc. think about the implications… do you want that?

    and last… if seeing a Hummer on the road scares you, try driving better, and less aggressively. Hummer owners don’t (i assume) go driving around trying to crash into people.

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