Rentoid founder on G’day World


The rentoid founder & CEO Steve Sammartino was recently interviewed on the Podcast Network.


It’s a pretty open and honest account on a range of topics including rentoid, life, entrepreneurship, large corporations the environment and investing.

It was on the G’day World channel with Cameron Reilly. It goes for about 30 minutes. Click here to listen.


2 Responses to “Rentoid founder on G’day World”

  1. NathanaelB Says:

    Great interview Steve, love your enthusiasm!

  2. Nathanael Boehm - UI/UX designer and developer, Canberra Says:

    Rentoid – Loan neighbors your stuff!

    We did an end-of-year rock gig for work last month and I needed an amplifier/speaker … so I went to eBay, found a speaker and bought it. As it turns out there were delays with shipment and it arrived the day after the gig. Luckily we managed to g…

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