Square watermelons & storage space


We just had to show you all this crazy innovation. Square watermelons.


No, it’s not a trick.  Retailers in Japan wanted watermelons to be more efficient in transport and take up less space in stores. One savvy farmer decided to think inside the box (crappy office jargon and pun both intended). The idea was simple enough. Plant the seeds in a transparent plastic case. And there you we have it. Innovation and space saving in one.


So to all your gardeners out there. The first sqaure watermelon to be grown (with proof) to be emailed to rentoid.com will be posted on this here blog and win an itunes voucher for $100.

If you need to rent some gardening tools, then click right here!


3 Responses to “Square watermelons & storage space”

  1. Jamie Says:


  2. Jamie Says:

    thats cool how watermelon b square. whats next? handhelds?

  3. mimi Says:

    um… those are cubes, not squares….

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