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You do the math

November 6, 2008

Below is a photo of two items which are regular rental items: A family car vs a paint spray gun.


We don’t have to be a maths genious to work out that it’s a far better return on investment renting out the spray gun. It’s a wopping 50% Return on Investment…. versus a too small to calculate return on investment for the car.

The point is the renter is still getting a massive benefit in renting out the Spray gun even though ther ROI is very high for the owner who is renting it out.

The benefits to the person who rents the spray gun instead of buying it include:

– Still saves 50% of the cash to buy one

– Doesn’t have to store it and let it gather dust

– It’s better for the environment to have one less spray gun

– They get to meet someone in their local area

– Both parties win financially.

So the point to all you rentoiders out there is. Put some stuff up there to rent and you’ll be surprised at the returns on investment you can get. Some are very, very good. And everyone still wins.  It’d be worth checking out the prices to buy some items and do a mini entrpreneurial project.

And of course if you need any help and ideas on how to do it call us any time

Cheers, rentoid team.


rentoid loves – Blog action day

October 14, 2008

If blogging was a country it would be the 7the biggest in the world with a population of 185 million people..

Holy WOW… that’s big, that’s powerful… that’s exciting….

In a few short years (less than 10 in fact) new digital social media has given us an awesome voice. Here’s agreat way we can use it. Blog Action Day –

rentoid is on it – we actually give a shit about the world and the people in it, unlike many other companies….

If you want to get involved – go here for more details

Victorian Police Hummers…

September 9, 2008

Here’s a photo of the the latest weapon the Victorian Police have employed to reduce alcohol “fueled” violent crime. Are they kidding?

The rentoid view on Hummers is clear, and you can read about it here. You’ll notice we let the Hummer lovers and hater post comments as the please. We don’t moderate opinions.

But the Police Justification on why they have got the Hummers on board is laughable:

“The idea of going to the Hummers is that it’s about trying to measure visible impact so we’ve got to try to introduce something which might look different to our current fleet of vehicles. We want to be visibly seen and we want to make sure the police out on the streets are recognisable and that we do reassure the public that we’re there.” Asst Commissioner Gary Jamieson said

Don’t the sirens and big big blue letters saying POLICE already do that?

Here’s some of the comments we found about the issue on the

Tim said: That excuse is just pathetically laughable….G-Unit style aye.

Austin said: You don’t need to transport suspects anyway, they just roll right by in their hummer with their glock out the window popping caps in hommie’s arses…

Frenchie says: Maybe they can mount a machine gun on the top! That’ll give them more presence!

Neil Said: Yeah because us Melbournians have really been calling out for the cops to go patrolling the streets in H3’s – hwy not just substitute one of the patrol cars for a bright-coloured SV6 or XR6? Of course what else can we expect from a government that continues to ignore our health & public transport issues
We have a more serious problems than a lack of publicity – how about more coppers for our growing population?

John said: Lol, ‘police kill 3 in high speed chase after attempting a pit manoeuvre in a hummer’.

AC Cobra said: WHAT A JOKE, I’m so scared AHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!, now police are driving hummers, what are they going to to do with them besides wasting many public tax paying fuel dollars, our average copper will grow such an ego trip chasing public off the road with big brick’s on wheels…They should be driving battery operated Toyo Priass Golf carts, poor toyoda, the company just dosen’t receive enough recognition or media hype these days.

RA said: Nice approach to sustainability and practicality, I realise that these are not H2’s but still.

Stav said: Waste of Taxpayers Money whats Next F430???

Anthony Said: Will GM pay the fuel bill too?

The Salesman said: Wow this is a great idea. But why stop at Hummers? If you really want to be seen lets get police tanks. Might not help on the high speed chase so lets modify them with NOS. Suddenly i dont feel like going out for a drink anymore.

WVB said: The Bl**dy things look like ridiculous radio station ‘giveaway’ trucks from 10 years ago.
….here you here’s your free handcuffs.

Things that make ya go Hmmm!

Rentoid founder on 774 ABC Conversation Hour

July 21, 2008

Steve Sammartino from rentoid was recently invited onto the 774 ABC conversation hour. The conversation was focused on the environment.

Click here to Listen to it

Is rentoid the new web phenomenon?

July 5, 2008

Here’s a recent article on rentoid which was published on the ABC South East SA website last Friday after an Interview Steve did on ABC Mount Gambier.

Click here to have a read!

Hire Purpose – rentoid in G magazine

July 1, 2008

The uber cool G magazine has also just run a story on this here website – G magzine is all about teaching us how to lead a greener lifestyle without living in a tree and eating nuts.

    Click here to read the article: g-magazine-article

Heck why not get out there and buy a copy of this rad magazine and be part of the solution.








Become a fan on Facebook

June 16, 2008

Hey, you’re here checking out rentoid. So why not join our new fans page on facebook

Here’s the thing, we’re happy for you guys to discuss anything to do with rentoid good or bad. Add stuff to the page, videos, comments, suggestions, topics for discussion, thank us, bag us or just share with some friends. It’s your call – it’s your page.

Click here to check it out.

Cheers, the rentoid team.

Climate change a symptom, not the problem

May 31, 2008

Freestyle radical and founder of this here website has written an article we think some of our rentoid peeps would enjoy.

It’s focus is about how corporations can be a part of the solution to climate change, but only once they realise what the problem actually is.

Click here to read it.

Super Bad- Super Chief

May 21, 2008

More ugliness has just raised it’s head from the economic basket case otherwise known as the USA. The Ford Super Cheif. Pictured below:

Yep – we hate this car too, and reckon it represents all that is bad. So we’ve thrown it in with the Hummers and banned them from

“Boo Hiss” to the Ford Motor co.

(pssst… the world is changing around you… maybe you should get out of the factory or office once in a while to check it out)

Saddened, rentoid team.

Australia Scan – Howards End.

May 8, 2008

Here’s an intersting snippet from the latest Australia Scan report. 


Having put Kevin in place, Australians are confident that he’ll tackle the big picture things that were concerning them like the environment, education and working hours (they hated Work Choices).


That means that they’re pretty happy to be able to focus more on the things that really matter to them:  their families, friends, home and the things they enjoy.


Economic confidence is up, but there are some clouds on the horizon which are just beginning to touch Australian’s consciousness.  The stock market is the first.  Inflation is bubbling up and there are more risks down the track that they don’t know about.


At the same time, the cynicism about business is rising, in no small part prompted by a rash of opportunistic ‘green’ claims


What this means for marketers and advertisers is that the cosy sunshine of now may not last and it is imperative to look very closely at their brand promise and the accuracy of their targetting.  The key for 2008 will be Brand Sincerity.


With the unsettled and somewhat hollow sense of the last years of the Howard Government behind them, Australians are looking forward to fresh, clever, new ideas to make a brighter future.


They’ll be more open to advice, tips and tricks from experts on everything from easy ‘green’ to easy makeovers, to easy car choices.  At the same time they’ll be valuing good old-fashioned home comforts and family support.


At rentoid we live by our claims. We believe in what we do and want to teach Australia about the ‘real’ benefits of renting. we want a business which doesn’t destroy the environment in the first place. So be sure to keep us up to our promise.