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You do the math

November 6, 2008

Below is a photo of two items which are regular rental items: A family car vs a paint spray gun.


We don’t have to be a maths genious to work out that it’s a far better return on investment renting out the spray gun. It’s a wopping 50% Return on Investment…. versus a too small to calculate return on investment for the car.

The point is the renter is still getting a massive benefit in renting out the Spray gun even though ther ROI is very high for the owner who is renting it out.

The benefits to the person who rents the spray gun instead of buying it include:

– Still saves 50% of the cash to buy one

– Doesn’t have to store it and let it gather dust

– It’s better for the environment to have one less spray gun

– They get to meet someone in their local area

– Both parties win financially.

So the point to all you rentoiders out there is. Put some stuff up there to rent and you’ll be surprised at the returns on investment you can get. Some are very, very good. And everyone still wins.  It’d be worth checking out the prices to buy some items and do a mini entrpreneurial project.

And of course if you need any help and ideas on how to do it call us any time

Cheers, rentoid team.


Rentoid on A Current Affair

July 22, 2008

Hey rentoid crew! Steve Sammartino, the founder and head rentoid guru, will be appearing tonight on A Current Affair (6.30pm Channel 9) along with Luke McCormack and Ross Hill.

LIVE STREAM: We’ll be chatting live on The Rentoid Channel straight after it airs so come and join us

Steve, Luke and Ross will be online for a live video chat straight after the show. Just head to the rentoid home page ( and follow the link. We’d love to chat so please join us online after the show.

Cheers and happy viewing – The rentoid team

Hire Purpose – rentoid in G magazine

July 1, 2008

The uber cool G magazine has also just run a story on this here website – G magzine is all about teaching us how to lead a greener lifestyle without living in a tree and eating nuts.

    Click here to read the article: g-magazine-article

Heck why not get out there and buy a copy of this rad magazine and be part of the solution.








Rentoid founder on

June 13, 2008

If you’ve ever wondered who’s behind this here website  & team of nerds – then you can check rentoid founder Steve Sammartino on a recent interview with


HatchThat – is a great forum which has weekly conversations with entrpreneurs.

Click here to read it.  

Australia Scan – Howards End.

May 8, 2008

Here’s an intersting snippet from the latest Australia Scan report. 


Having put Kevin in place, Australians are confident that he’ll tackle the big picture things that were concerning them like the environment, education and working hours (they hated Work Choices).


That means that they’re pretty happy to be able to focus more on the things that really matter to them:  their families, friends, home and the things they enjoy.


Economic confidence is up, but there are some clouds on the horizon which are just beginning to touch Australian’s consciousness.  The stock market is the first.  Inflation is bubbling up and there are more risks down the track that they don’t know about.


At the same time, the cynicism about business is rising, in no small part prompted by a rash of opportunistic ‘green’ claims


What this means for marketers and advertisers is that the cosy sunshine of now may not last and it is imperative to look very closely at their brand promise and the accuracy of their targetting.  The key for 2008 will be Brand Sincerity.


With the unsettled and somewhat hollow sense of the last years of the Howard Government behind them, Australians are looking forward to fresh, clever, new ideas to make a brighter future.


They’ll be more open to advice, tips and tricks from experts on everything from easy ‘green’ to easy makeovers, to easy car choices.  At the same time they’ll be valuing good old-fashioned home comforts and family support.


At rentoid we live by our claims. We believe in what we do and want to teach Australia about the ‘real’ benefits of renting. we want a business which doesn’t destroy the environment in the first place. So be sure to keep us up to our promise. 

Rentoid loves the Tesla Roadster

April 24, 2008

Here’s some proof that we can have a green future which doesn’t involve the globe living in caves and not enjoying life. The Tesla Roadster – at rentoid we love this car and thought we’d give it a plug.

Just like believes in ‘access’ rather than ‘ownership’ – the Tesla proves that fast cars don’t have to be combustion engines.

The video below says it all… and as we say at rentoid – to change our future all we need to do is change our thinking.

By the way – we’d love a Tesla Roadster for hire on rentoid – let us know if you know anyone who’ll get on board.

Cheers, the rentoid team.

Get Quirky

March 19, 2008

As times passed by working on we’ve realsied that people love renting the strange and quirky items. So we’ve brought them to the service to:

So why not click on the Atari joystick and get quirky… You decide what’s quriky by tagging our stuff for rent.


 Rent a dog. Rent a cat. Rent a hot dog cooker. Rent a donut fryer. Rent a dune buggy or even a jumping castle!

 Yep. Rent it all at

Best Environment / Eco policy ever!

March 11, 2008

Ok, so we are boasting a little. Check it out by clicking on our globe below.

            rentoid-globe.png                     You can even send it to a friend.

But the fact is the best environmental policy, is to have a business which doesn’t destroy it in the first place.


Renting and Bob Dylan

February 27, 2008

As far as we are concerned we are to the economy, as Bob Dylan was to a generation.


Rentoid is a movement.

A bit Grandiose – maybe. But this is what we stand for:

That’s us. That’s our belief system.

Get on board. Tell your friends.

Rental trends

February 19, 2008

It’s official! Renting stuff has been touted by uber cool magazine ‘Trendhunter’. MTV was actually quoted as saying “find out what’s cool with Trend Hunter magazine, before it’s cool!”


Which in turns means we’re cool. And… you’re cool as you’re here at – Nice.

Seems there are alot of entrepreneurs and consumers alike who see the benefits of renting. Just check out the summary image below…. seems we’ve got most of it covered here at rentoid too….

Rent a garden – yep

Rent baby stuff – yep, we’ve got all the baby equipment you’d ever need.

rent a dog – yep, right here at Hard to beleive isn’t it?

rent movies & rent games – yep

rent a luxury handbag – right here on rentoid too


Rent a nerd, rent a star and rent a wife we haven’t quite got yet… but don’t let that stop you listing yourself if you qualify.