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You do the math

November 6, 2008

Below is a photo of two items which are regular rental items: A family car vs a paint spray gun.


We don’t have to be a maths genious to work out that it’s a far better return on investment renting out the spray gun. It’s a wopping 50% Return on Investment…. versus a too small to calculate return on investment for the car.

The point is the renter is still getting a massive benefit in renting out the Spray gun even though ther ROI is very high for the owner who is renting it out.

The benefits to the person who rents the spray gun instead of buying it include:

– Still saves 50% of the cash to buy one

– Doesn’t have to store it and let it gather dust

– It’s better for the environment to have one less spray gun

– They get to meet someone in their local area

– Both parties win financially.

So the point to all you rentoiders out there is. Put some stuff up there to rent and you’ll be surprised at the returns on investment you can get. Some are very, very good. And everyone still wins.  It’d be worth checking out the prices to buy some items and do a mini entrpreneurial project.

And of course if you need any help and ideas on how to do it call us any time

Cheers, rentoid team.


Temporary needs

August 21, 2008

Be prepared to be blown away…. Seriously. It’s going to shock you… well kind of.

Pretty much all of our needs are temporary. We actually use our bed more than any other item we own. So what is our real usage of stuff we use much less often? When we break it down to “time available”, it’s quite surprising. I thought I’d start with our biggest expense – the car.

The average usage of cars is as follows:

10,000km per annum = 1.8% of time available

25,000km per annum = 4.7% of time available (average in Australia)

50,000km per annum = 9.4% of time available

* This means that for more than 90% of the time the car we own is idle. Which then means 2 things. We could either rent a car when we need one…. or even better rent out ours when we are not using it. Especially if it is a bit of a bomb! it’s an asset of real value just sitting there….

Imagine all the other idle assets you own which you could be making money from.

A Current Affair & rentoid

July 23, 2008

To save you from clicking around, here’s a Youtube video of the rentoid feature from A Current Affair last night.  Watch it right below:

Renting and Bob Dylan

February 27, 2008

As far as we are concerned we are to the economy, as Bob Dylan was to a generation.


Rentoid is a movement.

A bit Grandiose – maybe. But this is what we stand for:

That’s us. That’s our belief system.

Get on board. Tell your friends.

The rentoid guarantee

January 22, 2008

At we promise the following: we will refund any transaction fees if anything goes wrong with a rental through us – ever.

That’s it. Simple. No terms and conditions. Just let us know.

The rentoid fee of 5% of the rental price is only payable if you rent something,  ie; make some cash. Although you pay ‘us’ before the rental transaction is complete… if anything ever goes wrong, will fix it. An example might be someone not turinng up to collect the item.

The good news: We haven’t had a problem yet! We find our members use rentoid for good reason and are so far of good character. Which is very cool

And when we say “No tricks”, we mean it!