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You do the math

November 6, 2008

Below is a photo of two items which are regular rental items: A family car vs a paint spray gun.


We don’t have to be a maths genious to work out that it’s a far better return on investment renting out the spray gun. It’s a wopping 50% Return on Investment…. versus a too small to calculate return on investment for the car.

The point is the renter is still getting a massive benefit in renting out the Spray gun even though ther ROI is very high for the owner who is renting it out.

The benefits to the person who rents the spray gun instead of buying it include:

– Still saves 50% of the cash to buy one

– Doesn’t have to store it and let it gather dust

– It’s better for the environment to have one less spray gun

– They get to meet someone in their local area

– Both parties win financially.

So the point to all you rentoiders out there is. Put some stuff up there to rent and you’ll be surprised at the returns on investment you can get. Some are very, very good. And everyone still wins.  It’d be worth checking out the prices to buy some items and do a mini entrpreneurial project.

And of course if you need any help and ideas on how to do it call us any time

Cheers, rentoid team.


Get Quirky

March 19, 2008

As times passed by working on we’ve realsied that people love renting the strange and quirky items. So we’ve brought them to the service to:

So why not click on the Atari joystick and get quirky… You decide what’s quriky by tagging our stuff for rent.


 Rent a dog. Rent a cat. Rent a hot dog cooker. Rent a donut fryer. Rent a dune buggy or even a jumping castle!

 Yep. Rent it all at


March 11, 2008

Given that we, and most members are “surprised” at how many….

awesome, strange, curious, quirky, cool, radical, ideal, cheap, expensive, crazy, wicked, everyday, outrageous items we have for rent…

….we decided to add the surprise me button.


Click here or here to get surprised. Then keep clicking…

Cheers, the rentoid team.

Renting and Bob Dylan

February 27, 2008

As far as we are concerned we are to the economy, as Bob Dylan was to a generation.


Rentoid is a movement.

A bit Grandiose – maybe. But this is what we stand for:

That’s us. That’s our belief system.

Get on board. Tell your friends.

Rental trends

February 19, 2008

It’s official! Renting stuff has been touted by uber cool magazine ‘Trendhunter’. MTV was actually quoted as saying “find out what’s cool with Trend Hunter magazine, before it’s cool!”


Which in turns means we’re cool. And… you’re cool as you’re here at – Nice.

Seems there are alot of entrepreneurs and consumers alike who see the benefits of renting. Just check out the summary image below…. seems we’ve got most of it covered here at rentoid too….

Rent a garden – yep

Rent baby stuff – yep, we’ve got all the baby equipment you’d ever need.

rent a dog – yep, right here at Hard to beleive isn’t it?

rent movies & rent games – yep

rent a luxury handbag – right here on rentoid too


Rent a nerd, rent a star and rent a wife we haven’t quite got yet… but don’t let that stop you listing yourself if you qualify.

Rent a treadmill

February 8, 2008

Little known fact* – OK GO – hired their treadmills on !!!

* Nah, just kidding, we made that up so we could post this cool music video!

But you can click here to hire a treadmill on

And don’t forget to rent out the treadmill you have at home your not using to make some cash.

Reduce eco footprint

January 17, 2008

The best way to reduce your eco footprint is this simple:

Rent things instead of buying them. Do it here at & tell your friends who might care to know.


Easy way to find photos (rentoid listings)

January 14, 2008

Here’s a tip for our fellow rentoid-ers:

* Get photos of your rental items straight from Google images. *

Unless it’s very unusual, you can usaully find an image on google images. We would recommend you mention in the listing that the photo is ‘similar’ to the ‘actual item’.

Many items like a certain digital camera, a lawn mower or a motorbike will have the exact model right there for you already photographed. Just ensure it is royalty free.

Given that people aren’t buying the item (like Ebay) it is usually Ok. It’s quicker and it’s much better than not having a photo.


Click on the image above to go straight to it!

Survive the heat !

January 10, 2008

If you’re in Melboure today you’ll know it is currently 42 degrees celsius / 108 Fahrenheit. It’s extremely hot!


Photo ABC news – Tomothy Marshall. 

So we thought it might be helpful to list a few survival tips which go beyond staying hydrated & wearing sunscreen:

  • Sit under a beach tent if in the sun
  • Go for a surf
  • Go for a boat ride (sea breeze is very cooling)
  • Sit in front of an air conditioner / air cooler
  • Make a fruit smoothie at home
  • Fill your freezer with home made cordial ice drinks
  • Go for a walk in the evening and get an ice cream
  • Remember to organise a weekend at a beach house
  • Take some photos at sunset or of the kids playing under the hose
  • Go snorkling (even if in a pool)
  • Turn on your misquito zapper for tonight
  • Have a BBQ with your friends & family in the cooler evening
  • Hose down the dog & then take it for a cooling walk
  • leave the office early

Yep… you can get any of the stuff you might need to do any of these things on  (BBQ’s, Freezers, Surfboards, beach tents, Snorkling gear, boats, air conditioners, cameras, blenders, beach houses, hoses and even a dog!)

…and if we haven’t got it listed, we’ll find a member who has it.

Stay cool. The rentoid team.

So you've landed here…

January 7, 2008

Well then why not let us know what you think of ?

We love it when we get feedback and we pretty much implement that feedback 9 times out of 10.  That’s because our members are smarter than us when it comes to what their needs are. Pretty simple we reckon.

So if you a regular at our blog, or a newby to rentoid and the concept of renting to and from others, drop us a note and tell us what you think.

Tell us what you want and even tell us what sucks. Don’t be shy.