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Reducing hospital boredom

September 22, 2008

Post by OrangeGirl

Is someone you know unfortunate enough to be stuck in hospital?

Jump onto rentoid and rent them a portable DVD player, some DVD‘s, a handheld games console, books, or even a portable CD player to help pass the time. The items will be very much appreciated as we all know how much fun hospitals are dont we 😉 And renting something is much more enviromentally sound than buying flowers that will only be thrown in the bin a few days later.

C’mon, give something to your loved one that not only will keep then entertained while recovering and stimulate their mind instead of looking at four walls. Most of all it shows you are thinking of them and care about their sanity. And who knows, one day you might be stuck in bed and yor friend will come to the rescue with items from



Get your 12 seconds of fame

September 10, 2008

There’s a great website called 12seconds that is –

You can record a 12 second speil about yourself, an idea a business or anything really. So the rentoid CEE – which stands for Chief Espresso Maker ‘Steve’ – did a little 12 second spot taliking about the belief he has in what he does – rentoid that is… well you can click here to see it for yourself.

In fact – we’d love to hear what you think….

Why not do a 12 second spot on giving us your thoughts – good / bad / how we can improve and we’ll post it up here on rentoid for your 15 minutes of fame – well, 12 seconds actually.

Fathers day ideas

August 27, 2008

With fathers day coming up why not rent your Dad a motorbike for the day.  Seriously – it’s got to be better than a tired old pair of socks , tie or a singing mullet!

We all know that every guy who owns a motorbike dreams of owning a Harley but few can afford one, SO RENT ONE.

Or what about a fishing boat, a video camera to film that bbq (rented on of course) or even a sports car. How about a Porche convertable for the day at a lazy $400?

It’s all here on rentoid – a better and easy Fathers day gift.

Posted by Orangegirl

rentoid coffee session v2.0

August 25, 2008

Last coffee chat was cool – fun. So it’s on again. Come join us for an espresso!

Will do other cities whenever we are in them, that’s a promise.

Where & when

Journal: Tuesday September 2nd 7am – 9.30am.
253 Flinders Lane
9650 4399

Google Map click here.

We can’t guarantee espress art like that above – we can promise good conversation about rentoid and whatever you want to chat about and that the coffee will be on us!

Cheers, rentoid team.

Temporary needs

August 21, 2008

Be prepared to be blown away…. Seriously. It’s going to shock you… well kind of.

Pretty much all of our needs are temporary. We actually use our bed more than any other item we own. So what is our real usage of stuff we use much less often? When we break it down to “time available”, it’s quite surprising. I thought I’d start with our biggest expense – the car.

The average usage of cars is as follows:

10,000km per annum = 1.8% of time available

25,000km per annum = 4.7% of time available (average in Australia)

50,000km per annum = 9.4% of time available

* This means that for more than 90% of the time the car we own is idle. Which then means 2 things. We could either rent a car when we need one…. or even better rent out ours when we are not using it. Especially if it is a bit of a bomb! it’s an asset of real value just sitting there….

Imagine all the other idle assets you own which you could be making money from.

Next Live Rentoid Chat

August 21, 2008

Thanks for those who tuned into the last rentoid live chat…. We’ve had both good and bad feedback. Which we can handle and appreciate. Some hated it – including my mum. LOL.

We admit we did get ‘slightly off topic’ a couple of times, but we’ll continue to do them, because we know they matter to you, and….. we like it. That said, we’ll stay more focused on rentoid stuff on the next one with is scheduled for:

Chat then, rentoid team.

Live rentoid chat tonight

August 19, 2008

Our next Live Chat is tonight: 7.30pm Sydney / Melbourne time Australia, 7pm Adeladie & 5.30pm Perth.

So click here to join us it’s too easy:

You may remember we did a live chat session with rentoid members and anyone who cared to join us after our feature on A Current Affair.

We’d also like to make that chat as useful as possible so please leave as many questions as you like in the comments below – or ask us “Live” while we chat via

Some of the topics already on our agenda include:

  • New hardware and faster site
  • popular listings, most rented items
  • Stuff people want and are looking for
  • New features imporvements to site
  • Feedback we’ve had
  • Bugs we’ve had and fixed

And anything you want us to talk about, including shout outs!

We’re looking forward to chatting with you. Cheers, rentoid team.

Top 10 rental items

August 18, 2008

Because everyone is asking:

Here’s a list of our top 10 searched rental items on rentoid (in order) for the past month. This is the stuff people are looking for & ultimately want to rent.

  1. Fridge
  2. Treadmill
  3. TV
  4. Boats
  5. Nintendo Wii
  6. Computer / Laptop
  7. Camera
  8. Motorbike
  9. PS 3 (Playstation)
  10. Caravan

You got this stuff? Then get it here on rentoid as our members are here everyday looking for this stuff to help you make money.

Cheers, rentoid team

Calling all gardeners!

August 15, 2008

Posted by Orangegirl

OK….So its snowing. Its cold. Its very cold. But apperantly from all the gardening magazines it’s time to get our gardens ready for spring…brrrrr.

Dont have a hedge trimmer, rotary hoe, shovel, lawnmower, slasher, whipper snipper, or even secatures. Well, you know what to do. RENTOID IT.

Log on, click on Garage and Garden, and there you will find everything that you see on all those backyard renovation shows at a fraction of the cost. In no time you will have a pristine garden that will make all your neighbours envious.

And why not send us a picture of your new tidy RENTOID garden 🙂 In fact, best garden photo sent in by a rentoid member gets a free uber cool t-shirt from Neighborhoodies of their choice. And we’ll feature all the photos sent in right here. So send ’em in.

Send photo’s to “general AT” – cleary written this way to avoid spam bots.

What are you waiting for…. go get renting.


Rent Plasma TV for Olympics

August 13, 2008

Why buy that Plasma / LCD large screen TV for the Beijing Olympics when you can simple rent one for two weeks. You know it makes sense….

We’ve got plentry of large TV’s available all around Austrlaia, just click on the list below to check ’em out.

Click here to see Tv’s for rent.

We’ve even got tiny portables available at cheap prices to bring into work or sit on the dressing table in the bedroom for watching those late night events on.

Cheers, Rentoid team.