The history of video games

March 17, 2009 by

If you’re a video game freak like me, then you’ll love this tidy little video on the history of video games. It is retro cool,  but also shows how far technology has come. Which then you can relate to our every day lives. Fascinating.

Now, if you have some of these retro games, or my fav of all time an Atari 2600 – then get it up on rentoid for rent. We have a whole heap of video game tragics screaming for stuff like this – list it here and make some cash.

Cheers, Steve –



Why is the next big thing

March 15, 2009 by

The rentoid vision is to create a step social change in the way we use resources and products. To become part of the common parlance: “Just get it on rentoid” and in doing so become the largest on line renting portal in the world. In fact our goals are rather large. We want to be a vanguard organization that proves there can be a business which provides a virtuous circle for all stakeholders involved. A business which can provide profit without pillage.

We are well on our way and already in market and becoming recognized both in the on line world, mainstream media and developing a loyal following of ‘brand evangelists’. Rentoid is totally aligned to embracing technology, helping people, making the world a community again and proving we can use technology and invent new profitable business systems which don’t cost us the world – literally.

Rentoid has the potential to be a world changing business. To re-invent an old tested method of trading – ‘renting’ and use modern technology to create an entire new economic paradigm which improves standards of living and yet reduces consumption. This is what we are doing, and this is why rentoid is the Next Big Thing.


Rentoid HQ fun

March 10, 2009 by

I had a dream to make this ad last night.

So after lunch me and Luke jumped on the bike and did this little stunt. Ross filmed it, and Luke turned it into our little homemade advertisement, which quite franly we think is pretty cool for 15 minutes of effort and zero expense. (Except for the fact I split my favourite jeans doing it – oh well)

What do you reckon? Pretty innovative, and well rentoid is even more innovative! Woot Woot.


Short message from Chief Espresso Maker

March 10, 2009 by


March 9, 2009 by

Alright! So here’s the 411:

University is back! (well at least down here in sunny-one-day, rainy-the-next Melbourne, it is).

Here is the inescapable truth; Uni books are way too expensive for any self respecting uni student to spend all their hard earned on!

I mean come on – beer Vs uni books. Everyone knows who wins that battle. Hell, one book will set you back a minimum of 100 large (and we’re talking bare minimum here)! Multiply that by four or ask the Maths nerds to do it for you… and you’ll soon realise the hip pocket is about to go for ten rounds with Mohamed “the credit card” Ali!

So what’s the solution?

Simple! Don’t buy uni books… RENT THEM!


And it’s so easy. Rent out your old books from last semester then use that cash to pay for the rental of this semester’s books… It’s the perfect solution.

This means you’ll be getting this years Uni books for free… Brilliant, we know!

You’re welcome.

Check out a few books here and then put some of your own to work and start making money!

Luke and the rentoid team.

A rentoid story

March 8, 2009 by

Here’s a real story about two rentoid members and their experience – visually depicted. It’s how we do our advertising here at rentoid – pen, paper, the truth and a little imagination.  Enjoy!

We love this – rad to the power of sick

March 2, 2009 by

This is the greatest piece of copy writing of all time. Well, maybe not the greatest, but it is certainly up there. When someone paints a visual in your mind, takes you back, and makes you laugh all at the same time, it awesome. And so is this from Ebay:


This is a max wicked sick BMX. It’s a Reliance Boomerang and it’s done heaps of maximum extreme stunts. I have mostly done stunts on this bike since forever. Once I did a boom gnarly stunt trick on it and a girl got pregnant just by watching my extremeness to the maxxxx. Some details about sickmax BMX: Comes with everything you see including: TOPS AS SUSPENSION REAR FORKS!! 2 x wheels 1 x seat I will even thrown my sick BMXing name for FREE – Wicked Styx. Has minor surface rust on handlebars and front forks (easily removed). More rust on rear forks (as shown in pics). Tyres hold air but are pretty old. Basically, it’s an old BMX, but it’s radness is still 100% in tact. Tricks I have done on this BMX: Endos – 234. Sick Wheelies – 687. Skids – 143,000. Bunny Hops – 2 (Bunny Hops are gay and my brother dared me to do them, which I did because I’m Rad to the power of Sick). Flipouts – 28. Basically if you buy this bike you will instantly become a member to every club that was ever invented, worldwide, because you will be awesome. Pick up from Richmond in Melbourne. Throw your hands in the air like you just don’t mind.

Question & Answer    Answered On
Q:     Dudu , thats the sickest description ive read to date . Had me and my family in stitches. If you reconsider postage for this bike im happy to pay you for…more    30-Jan-09
A:     Hello Radster. I suppose I could skid down to the postie and see what it would cost to post. I don’t know where you live, but I might just try…more
Q:     dude, does this bike come with contraception because i all ready have 3 kids.this is the best description i have ever read i think you should go into business…more    30-Jan-09
A:     Thanks Sick Guy. It doesn’t come with contraception, but I will include a photo of me doing a stunt if you like. It’s pretty blurry, but it’s…more
Q:     How long are the skids that this bike can do?    29-Jan-09
A:     Dear Mad Dog. The skids odometer shows 128,992 metres, but i think it might have gone round the clock. I once did a skid that went for two weeks.

Your Job: Give us a rad description for a rentoid item – and we’ll give you something awesome in return… which we don’t know what yet, but we are open for suggestions!

Cheers, Rentoid Crew.

Rentoid presentation – Business 3000 awards

March 1, 2009 by

As you may know has been nominated for the City of Melbourne Business 3000 awards. Which you can read all about by clicking here:

In the interim you can watch our Chief (Espresso Maker) Steve Sammartino giving a 3 minute talk about rentoid and why the team love our business and what we do.

2 Things:

1. If you wondering whose noggin that is in the fore ground, it is Luke McCormack’s, one of the rentoid crew, enjoying a nice cup of tea.

2. If you’re wondering why the filming is so shakey, it’s because another rentoider Ross Hill filmed it on his mobile phone. A pretty good effort with a limited tool.

Rentoid Zainy Credit Crunch Solution

February 20, 2009 by

This internet is a Crazy, Zainy thing. Tom & Trent gives us some funny stuff on it with some rentoid thrown in for good measure.

If you’re offended – sorry, the sun will come up tomorrow.

Coffee on us!

February 16, 2009 by

Come join us (the rentoid crew) for a coffee on Tuesday March the 3rd. Our shout!

We really love the catch ups and had a huge crowd last time which made the cafe a bit of a squeeze, but we like it that way… so get in early… and don’t forget to tell us how we can make rentoid better for everyone.


Where: Cafe Viccolino in Melbourne CBD – shop 17, Centre place. Map here:

When: Tuesday 3rd of March 7.30-9.00am

Why: Because it’s our shout, and we’re awesome people.