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March 9, 2009

Alright! So here’s the 411:

University is back! (well at least down here in sunny-one-day, rainy-the-next Melbourne, it is).

Here is the inescapable truth; Uni books are way too expensive for any self respecting uni student to spend all their hard earned on!

I mean come on – beer Vs uni books. Everyone knows who wins that battle. Hell, one book will set you back a minimum of 100 large (and we’re talking bare minimum here)! Multiply that by four or ask the Maths nerds to do it for you… and you’ll soon realise the hip pocket is about to go for ten rounds with Mohamed “the credit card” Ali!

So what’s the solution?

Simple! Don’t buy uni books… RENT THEM!


And it’s so easy. Rent out your old books from last semester then use that cash to pay for the rental of this semester’s books… It’s the perfect solution.

This means you’ll be getting this years Uni books for free… Brilliant, we know!

You’re welcome.

Check out a few books here and then put some of your own to work and start making money!

Luke and the rentoid team.


Rentoid top 10 list

February 5, 2009

There’s been a dramatic change in the rentoid lists lately for what is in demand. For the first time in 6 months the Nintendo Wii has been chopped off the top spot… and here is the most recent top 10 searched items on

  1. Cars ( is yours listed? – great money to be made here)
  2. Jumping castles
  3. Treadmills (a staple favourite)
  4. Boats (summer)
  5. Trailers
  6. Tents (Must be that hot weather in Melbourne & Australia that has everyone getting outdoors)
  7. Dog (What the?)
  8. Air Conditioners (Anyone in Melbourne knows why)
  9. Fridge (Good old classic)
  10. Bicycles.

This is what people want. If you’ve got it – get it up on rentoid and make some cash.

Cheers, rentoid team.