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New Quicker, Easier Rental Process

March 22, 2009

Here’s a video explaining the new easier and quicker rental process on

Instead of having to wait for an approval process, all rental details of the owner of the item are now given immediately. Both on screen and via email. Payment of a 5% deposit (100% guaranteed) is made to confirm the rental and the owners details are given. So you can call them immediately and get renting. All payments are now made via PayPal which is very secure. Payments on PayPal can be made with credit card, PayPal account or via your even your bank account. All of which occur in a secure secure environment.

The bottom line is that we now get connected with renters straight away, with zero waiting on which makes the site more much easier to use and speeds up the service dramatically.



A rentoid story

March 8, 2009

Here’s a real story about two rentoid members and their experience – visually depicted. It’s how we do our advertising here at rentoid – pen, paper, the truth and a little imagination.  Enjoy!

Top 10 – things you should rent out

January 15, 2009

Here’s a list of things that you never actually thought about renting out. of which you probably have most, or certainly have some, which are sitting there gathering dust…. but should be on rentoid earning you cash!

  1. Your Car – Yes your car. Insure it, and rent it the days you don’t need it – an easy $50
  2. Your Backyard – Yes your backyard – for parties, backpackers camping, anything!
  3. Your Garage – Great storage space for people who need it and live in apartments. An Easy $50 a month!
  4. Your Spare room – First rent out the stuff in it, then rent our the space to a lodger. Yep.
  5. Your Driveway – especially if you live inner city and people could use it on work days – yes, the days your car is at work!
  6. Your Car Space – If you have a work car space in the city – rent it out on weekends for a lazy $5.
  7. Your Labour – Any skills you have you can rent on rentoid. Whatever you do – put yourself up for rent for a day.
  8. Your Trailer – Yes the trailer you use like 3 times a year. These are one of our most requested items and we simple never have enough of them to serve the demand. Get it on rentoid
  9. Your Caravan – Yep, the one on the front lawn waiting for the summer holidays. Other people need these in as well for their winter trip. Rent it to them
  10. Your Holiday house – If you’re lucky enough to ahve one, you’re probably smart enough to know you should be making money out of it. rent it here on rentoid.

The beauty of rentoid is that – It’ free to list and you never pay us unless you make some money first. From where we sit it’s a pretty good deal!

rentoid team