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New Quicker, Easier Rental Process

March 22, 2009

Here’s a video explaining the new easier and quicker rental process on

Instead of having to wait for an approval process, all rental details of the owner of the item are now given immediately. Both on screen and via email. Payment of a 5% deposit (100% guaranteed) is made to confirm the rental and the owners details are given. So you can call them immediately and get renting. All payments are now made via PayPal which is very secure. Payments on PayPal can be made with credit card, PayPal account or via your even your bank account. All of which occur in a secure secure environment.

The bottom line is that we now get connected with renters straight away, with zero waiting on which makes the site more much easier to use and speeds up the service dramatically.



Short message from Chief Espresso Maker

March 10, 2009

A rentoid story

March 8, 2009

Here’s a real story about two rentoid members and their experience – visually depicted. It’s how we do our advertising here at rentoid – pen, paper, the truth and a little imagination.  Enjoy!

Coming soon!

January 10, 2009

Is a new front page. Which will be a fairly dramatic change to the rentoid front page. So if you think you’re in the wrong spot when we change the home page next week…. Just stop, think and look – You’re in the right place. Don’t worry it will still be super simple to navigate – they’ll just be more cool things to play on.


It will be more of a ‘Revolution’ than ‘Evolution’ – but we’re doing it because we’ve got so much cool stuff buried inside – we just want it all to bubble to the top of the site. So that’s what we are doing. A warning though, it may become quite addictive for web surfers when you discover how much cool stuff we actually have !


Q & A from rentoid member

January 10, 2009


Hi steve,

Someone recently went to rent something off me, rentoid charged me, then the guy changed his mind and didn’t want to rent.

How do I get a refund?

Cheers (rentoid member)


Hi (rentoid member),

We check and monitor the transactions and comments – you’ll notice we have not charged your card for this. If we do charge you for a transaction that doesn’t go through, it’s as simple as letting us know and we’ll refund you every time no questions asked. We only ever want to be paid if we make you money.

Unfortunately a few people opt out from a rental and change their mind – that’s life! We are thinking of changing the system so the renter pays us first – 5% which they can deduct from the rental price on pick up – which will ensure the owners of items don’t get hassled with ‘no shows’ – What are your thoughts on that idea?

Let us know (rentoid member),

Cheers Steve & team.


yeah that sound like it might work

(rentoid member)